September 4, 2009

i do adore and am so grateful for my love. everyday he drops his laundry NEXT to the laundry basket. i do not understand this. and then he goes totally out of his way to prepare a beautiful+ nutritious meal for my anemic self. steak + spinach and more yumminess. [you gotta love the presentation.] my love is an amazing cook. do you ever find your love focusing on a more elaborate task rather than a simple one? do you ever find yourself not quite understanding your love... but being ever grateful for them? i must admit, i do not understand a lot about my love. but i find it rather peaceful not to question. to accept. to appreciate. to laugh. to love. thank you my love. my meal was divine.


Elizabeth said...

you are sweet.
there are things
that aren't so important
and i have just chosen
to smile
and to live with
those things
cause i love
that man.

Naturalearthfarm said...

I love this post. My love does the exact same thing. Yet he will come to the farmer's market and bring me a bowl of pasta with parmesan and a jar of coffee, knowing I had not brought lunch.
It is important that we overlook the shortcomings and praise the blessings. Thanks for the reminder.