June 19, 2009

this afternoon brought about a special visit.  outside my bedroom window on our front yard, was a wandering mama duck and her ducklings waddling about.  unfortunately isaak was asleep, being nap time and all. but ezra and i headed out to witness the charm.  it brought me such joy to watch ezra smile and giggle as he focused on the birds.  to stop and savor the beauty of this duck family was delightful.  to watch the ducklings follow their mama with such concentration made me think about how our little ones watch so intently, every move we make, every word we utter.  to watch the mama protect her little ones made me think how motherhood is so instinctive and universal.  us mamas together, enjoying the day with our loves.


Elizabeth said...

oh! i like your ducky pictures! what fun for your little guy to see the babies. :) and for you, too!

Lisa Stone said...

I LOVE ducks! I have a few duck stories I want to share, but time is short and I will find time soon.

I'm so glad that you and your son had that time. I miss watching my sons' learn and explore. That was one of my most favorite parts of having little ones. Now I just watch everyone else's children!