June 21, 2009

a precious father's day moment.  scot rocking ezra. they gazed into each other's eyes for quite a long time.  smiling.  giggling.  talking.  sharing abundant happiness.  i overheard scot whispering sweetly to ezra "always keep that joy!  don't ever let anyone take that away from you.  keep that joy my son."  so beautiful.  happy papa's day my love.  


Anonymous said...

What a beautiful photograph, Jen. You have captured the essence of fatherhood. Thank you for sharing.

Much Love,

Ma. Isabel

Aunt B said...

I have a photo like that of my hubby with our first born. I started to think back about the first time when he babysat while I went out shopping...

I returned to find our daughter sitting happily in her babyseat with a pacifier in her mouth. Upon closer examination I discovered that there was a giant rubberband around her head holding the pacifier in her mouth! He told me that she kept spitting it out and she would start to cry every time, so he came up with a solution for the problem!

At first I was mad at him and thought he was a complete idiot, but then I just had to laugh! It seemed just like something that you'd see in a movie!!

He turned out to be a great Dad, spending all of his free time with the kids, laughing and playing games with them, or driving all over town trying to help Santa find those hard to get items on their Christmas lists!

Funny, the kids are grown but he still makes time for them, and makes us all laugh!

Luv & hugs,

Aunt B

Elizabeth said...

what a perfect photo!
and in your lovely rocking chair! it's a perfect one, cause it's not too delicate and girly - it's manly enough for a dad to rock a baby in.