June 23, 2009

as a mama... i am heartbroken.  exhausted.  sad.  my oldest son has suffered from severe eczema since weaning from nursing, at just 9 months.  we have tried varying and countless doctors and remedies for healing.  thanks to my mama for the help and support as all of these efforts are insanely expensive!  and none have yet to work.  he is almost 4.  he still suffers. as do i.  not from eczema, but from the sadness a mama feels when her child is not well.  this is what we woke up to today.  it is all i can do to not well up in some serious tears. yesterday, my good friend called me. she said she woke up at 340 in the morning with a heart for isaak.  with concern, she began praying. little did she know, that was the exact time isaak had woken up in pain from this horrific burden. although difficult, i will not give up hope.  i will remain grateful.  if you feel so lead, please pray for my sweet son.  for relief.  for healing.  


Aunt B said...

I am a mama watching my daughter suffer from psoriasis. I understand the frustration of endless doctor visits and trying new remedies that never seem to work! My heart goes out to you, and I will say my prayers for Isaak!

Big Hugs,

Aunt B

... said...

I am so sorry for the suffering that your son is enduring and for your own suffering too. I have a mystery skin condition that developed over the last year or so. I'll pray for Isaak!

Anonymous said...

oh, poor Isaak...I am so sorry that he is continuing to suffer this way. I will pray for him and for you. I can't stand to see a little scrape on Emme, so I can't imagine how you feel. You are one of the very best mamas I know, so I know for sure that you are doing all that you can for him. xoxo Natalie

Johnna said...

Jennifer I am so sorry. When I saw his little legs and feet and read your story my eyes filled with tears and my skin with chills. I had no idea that Isaak was suffering so. My heart aches for you as a mother wanting desperately for her child to feel relief and comfort. We will pray for your little guy.


Grammy said...

...that my amazing grandson, not yet 4 years old, endures this pain in such a grown up way, yet with a joyful heart brings such happiness to us all, teaches a very powerful
message. My love and prayers are
with him always...
Big Grammy

jennifer said...

thank you all for your thoughts and prayers.

and YES mama... what lovely thoughts.

bitsofsunshine.typepad.com said...

oh, jennifer.
yes, lift your eyes up, to where your help comes from.
and keep teaching your little boy to lift his eyes up. little ones are so much more open and trusting. and if he can trust God through this when he's little, His faith will be second nature to him as he grows older.
because God has a good plan. even when we can't see what in the world that good plan might be.
God is good.

Lisa Leonard said...

that is crazy!! it so hard to see our kids hurt. i am praying for all of your right now!!

Lisa Stone said...

I am thinking of your family and your son. I'm sorry for the pain this has brought you.

I am also remembering our trip to Israel two years ago when we visited the Dead Sea and our guide said that people travel from all around the world to cover themselves in the mud. Supposedly, there is a healing power in the salt and people claim that this is has been the only relief they can find.

Maybe you can research this. It sounds far fetched, but there might be something sold that can help. They sell beauty products from there.