November 18, 2008

ever the eager chef.  as i prepared our "comfort food" dinner of oatmeal with assorted condiments, isaak volunteered "i want to cut the bananas mama!"  my hurried spirit, ready to eat, wanted to simply cut them myself.  but the early childhood educator in me took over and offered an ordinary moment with an extraordinary possibility.  yes, the eye-hand coordination was great as was the fine motor development and of course the math... but most importantly, the simple JOY that such a mundane task brought!  today i am grateful for the reminder to find simple JOY everyday!


Grammy said...

What precious hands! I admire your
patience! In todays fast paced times, it's often challenging to take time to stop and smell the roses (or, in this case, the banana's!) All my love to my
beautiful daughter, and precious
grandbaby boy! (oh, and Scot, too!

Aunt B said...

Dear Jen,

I love you! The thoughts and photos on your blog are beautiful!

I don't like blogs because I'm afraid of 20/20 Preditor type guys reading it! HA!

Loving thoughts & prayers to you and your cute little family!

Luv, Aunt B

Aunt B said...

oops! I spelled "Predator" incorrectly, and it also took me 3 tries to reply to your blog before it worked! Now it's there for the whole world to see...I'll blame it on old age!

Daniele said...

I love the bananna picture! We had the same breakfast that day!
Luv u all!
See you tomorrow for Auntie and Isaak day!! Dinner at grammys favorite place!

laurielaos said...

I've had a heck of a time trying to leave a comment. I'm sooooo computer stupid. It sucks that Becky figured this out, and I've had nothing but problems.
Which brings me to my comment-
to remind myself that even when I'm frustrated and overly busy, to stop and take the time to enjoy the little things! That the simple pleasures make me smile!
Thanks for sharing-it's fun to see the little ones growing up! It brings back lots of memories!

Love you-