November 21, 2008

i am grateful for family.  meet us.  isaak received "mama horsey" as a gift when he was 1.  he became immediately attached.  took her out.  slept with her.  needed her when feeling hurt.  she began to get that worn look.  i decided to get another horsey, thinking they could be swapped every so often.  perhaps they would last and not become so ratty!  not the case.  isaak knew right away that they had been switched and then named them "mama & papa horsey!"  bringing "mama" out became a routine, so again... decided to buy a small version thinking that could be the take away from home horsey.  nope!  "mama horsey" is the ONE!  well, until now.  the pregnancy seems to have brought the "family" together.  isaak now keeps us all close.  he holds them together & with satisfaction proclaims "i looooooove my whole family!"  and "look, we are all together!" i see a purchase in the near future... kid 2 horsey!  today i give praise for our family and the gentle reminder to cherish each moment of being together.  


Daniele said...

Rad pic.. I hope thats my album one.. You write so nicely!! Impressive!!!!

Natalie Stewart Graham said...

Too funny! Emme sure didn't want to part with one of those horsey's the other day! When I picked up Emme on Friday and wasn't feeling well...Isaak saw me sitting on the porch and said "Why you sitting there?" I said I didn't feel well and he said, "Do you have a baby in your tummy like my Mama?" I told him nope, but that he had a good precious! He is gonna LOVE his expanded family!