February 24, 2012


5! We received five parcels in the mail.

You know that balancing act you do when you are carrying too many things? Whether it is brown paper packages tied up with string, or living a life with too much on your plate. Sometimes, you need to "drop the armful in the road and try to stack them in a better load." I love this poem The Armful by Robert Frost which speaks to that,

Today, I played that balancing act. After receiving all those parcels on our doorstep. Don't you just love when you receive a treasure from your postal carrier? Oh, sweet bliss. Whether you ordered it yourself, or it was a surprise from a friend, the sheer delight that comes from opening that package I adore. The boys helped me with the balancing act of getting them all inside. For surely, we did not care to leave any behind as Mr. Frost so beautifully wrote. And inside each box was a sweet, sweet treasure. Gifts for Silas, the one year old birthday boy. {Not pictured.} And gifts for mama. Take a look at the goodness...

An Allora Handmade necklace... such a sweet, thoughtful and totally unexpected gift from a new blogging buddy.

THANK YOU, new friend. xox

{You can find these sweet necklaces here at ALLORA HANDMADE.}

A beautifully illustrated, vintage bird book...

{You can find these sweet treasures on ebay by searching vintage field guides}

And a vintage book on home preserving, along with other books for the kiddos... such a sweet, thoughtful and totally unexpected gift from my cousin.

THANK YOU, cousin. xox

Whether you send it by post, or deliver it on the doorstep yourself... let's be encouraged to return to that lost art of thinking of others! A simple flower picked from your garden tied with a handwritten note, a freshly baked loaf of deliciousness, or that treasure found thrifting which screamed out that someone special in your life. Let's give our thoughtfulness to others.

Make it a goal for next week.
Go out and give.

It surely brightened my day. And I am GRATEFUL.


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