December 1, 2011

Our homeschool group was invited to participate in our friends' homeschool group's handcraft fair. Since we attended the very first one several months ago, Isaak was excited to be a part of it. Being a part of a handcraft fair is quite a bit of work. Because there are many aspects to cover when becoming a craftsman and selling your goods. It has been loads of fun.

We first spent just enough time researching what Isaak wanted to create. He first decided upon some airplanes made of clothespins and popsicle sticks. We got the materials and after just a short time, he decided this was NOT the handcraft he wanted to create. Normally, I would've urged him to continue. To finish what he had started. But this was something he had to own. I wanted him to be excited, not exhausted with each aspect of this event. So he changed his mind. (Don't we all?) Snow globes it would be! We found this amazing bakery supply shop just down the street and had fun finding the cutest little figures to put in the snow globes. Creating was fun. And also a lesson. We learned that some glues would work and some wouldn't. We found that some glitter clumped together, and some didn't. We had lots of trial and error. We also made rice crispy treats. We took time to discuss pricing the items. He named his shop: "Acorn Collection by Isaak." I think it is quite charming! :) He chose to give away a free acorn with every purchase. Melt my heart. We packed up the car and headed out to set up shop.

After we set up, we took some time to look around at our friends' creations. AMAZING! Seriously. These homeschool peeps don't mess around. The majority of the children in this group are quite a bit older than the children in our group. It is evidenced in their outstanding handcrafts. Take a look at their hard work...


Found Art Creations:



More Necklaces:


Potted Flowers:

Felted Wool: {Oh, I have been longing to try a felted wool project! So adorable.}

Marshmallow Catapults:

Pressed Leaves:

Leatherwork & Macrame:

After browsing, Isaak manned the shop. He was quite the salesman.

One of his most stylish customers. I don't know why there is a stereotype of homeschool kids being "unsocialized" and "uncool." These are the sweetest, caring, most hip kids I know! Seriously. They are waaaaaay cool. In fact, I want to be their friends!

After Isaak sold out, he spent all his hard earned m$ney. He bought a catapult, a shield, a bow and arrow & a marshmallow catapult. And then he ran toward the outdoor stage to put on a show.

As Ezra looked on.

I recently attended Patchwork Indie Arts & Craft Festival in Culver City and in Long Beach. A "professional" handcraft fair. And I can honestly say these homeschool kids have their craft goin' on! They work hard. They are proud and happy. They are sweet. And they know how to sell their goods. It was a beautiful day out in nature, celebrating our kids' creativity; and providing an amazing and very well rounded "school" lesson. Watch out Patchwork!


Greta said...

So great! I want to start working now to be ready for next year!
Love from,

j e n n i f e r said...

grets- it was great. and i think they are having another one in the spring! :)

Chrissie said...

Absolutely amazing and so inspiring! I love all the crafts. Wow!

Simple Life Journey said...

So cute! Love all of their ideas!