July 29, 2011

One week ago, my husband enjoyed 38 hours with the two older boys while the babe and I slipped into sweet bliss. My beautiful cousin got married in Lake Tahoe. For many reasons. But mostly, because Lake Tahoe is OUR family tradition. A deeply rooted, forever cherished, always longing for, family tradition. And so, I boarded a plane with sweet Silas. Rented a car. And drove from Reno to Tahoe. Just over an hour of driving. A perfect time to reminisce. And just to make the trip that much sweeter, the radio station played the songs of my youth. So as I belted out songs from Journey, The Scorpions, Def Leppard + more, I relished in the memories. How could I forget the year I first had my license and drove the trip myself? Caravanning with my brother and his good buddy. Which of course, entailed speeding. Which of course, resulted in a speeding ticket. For all three of us. Thanks brother. And as I drove through the beauty of the land, my mind and heart were full. Of thanksgiving. For a childhood rich in tradition. Full of good times. In the beauty of Lake Tahoe.

I spent nearly 15 years, every summer, camping in this. Isn't it dreamy? Every summer, the same two weeks. The same groups of families, camping in the same campground. Enjoying the same activities {Anyone up for a game of going to the moon?}. Year after year after year. It was amazing. And not just our immediate family. But our aunts, uncles, cousins, friends, etc. And this was no ordinary camping. My grandma, well... she is amazing. And the best camp mate ever. See THIS post, written quite awhile ago regarding this very matter. Good, good times.

But then, one summer, we didn't go. And then the next summer, we didn't go. And then we grew up. And had responsibilities. And drifted out of our tradition. And before you knew it, it had been almost 15 years since we had been camping in Lake Tahoe.

Pondering this, just a little bit of sadness falls upon your heart. But you are here. Now. And will enjoy each and every brief moment you have, while in this sweet land of memories.

And so, after the wedding. A trip down memory lane was in order. So, along with my family, we headed out. HERE. To Camp Richardson. Our old stomping grounds. Our first stop, The Beacon.

In which a Rum Runner and Calamari were in order. Because you simply cannot go to the Beacon without partaking in both. Divine.

The Beacon is lakeside. I walked along the sand, feeling the crisp waters of the lake upon my bare feet. Gazing around. Memories everywhere. It all rang fresh in my mind. Renting paddle boats and cruising the lake.

Renting bikes, and peddling around for hours. Wind blowing through my hair. Never tiring.

I looked out upon the lake and saw this...

New families. Creating new memories. And I wondered. Do these parents have ANY idea what is being formed in their children at this very moment? As they splash about in the water and dig deep into the sandy shore. Each and every moment is being etched into their hearts and minds.

I soaked it all in. And holding back a tear or two, you know... I'm still post partum. We walked back through the pines.

Caught our last glimpses of Camp Richardson.

Stepped into the General Store. Picked up a few souvenir sweatshirts.

And said goodbye to Lake Tahoe.

Where I will always feel at home. Thank you Lake Tahoe. For holding my sweet memories that will indeed last a lifetime. And thank you to my family, who always made it a priority to create such a beautiful family tradition. It will forever remain dear to my heart. And THANK YOU to my loving husband, who gave so that I could enjoy these moments of bliss.

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Molly said...

how remarkable! i'm sitting right here, at camp richardson, just got back from the beach where too many people are drinking too many 5 dollar rum runners! our family (grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins included) has been coming up here for a week, every summer, for 24 years. i was my daughter's age the first time we came here. what a trip. thank you for sharing! hope you had a blast on your solo trip.