February 12, 2011

Friday Finds!

Today, we enjoyed a most glorious day playing in the warm sunshine while feeling the gentle ocean breeze. We were HERE which is one of our favorite places to play. Across from the Nature Center is a park with fields and hills full of things to investigate, with lots of room to run and jump. It was a perfect day. And I was feeling so grateful for the opportunity to enjoy such a special time with my boys. If you are ever near Huntington Beach, do take some time to enjoy this space.

Upon leaving, we headed across the street to the Huntington Beach Central Library. They have a used books for sale section that is most enjoyable to rummage through. WE SCORED!

My favorite find was this sweet little book with beautiful illustrations. It is in English with bits of French sprinkled throughout.

We also found many other treasures. Here are a few:

This informative book, perfect timing as President's Day approaches...

We also found these books about nesting and about glaciers with the most beautiful illustrations.

Our new bookshelf, that was recently gifted to us, is filling up quickly.

The best thing about these Friday Finds! Each book was .12 1/2 cents. That's right. It was buy one get one free. And the books were .25 cents a piece. Seriously. Score. And they are beautiful, fabric bound, hard cover, vintage books. All beautifully illustrated. Living books, that come alive with stories and facts. Looks, feels, and reads a bit different than a shelf full of brightly colored, cartoon charactered books with silly story lines. If you are near Huntington Beach, do check out their used books sale. If you are not, check with your local library for book sales. And enjoy hunting for timeless treasures for you and your children to enjoy. Happy reading.


mygirl said...

hello my dear, this is another one of my secrets! so glad you found some treasures there. it makes my day when i get deals like that! i haven't been in a while and i am thinking a visit is do. talk to you soon, christina

Mommy of three said...

You girls are holding out!!! WTH???
I am trying very, very hard not to be jealous.
Especially since I saw that book in person.
Love from,

j e n n i f e r said...

oh g-girl... i can't believe you don't know about that place. i thought for sure you would've. we shall go partake soon. :) xox