December 10, 2010

Friday Finds!

Today, we headed to Seal Beach to visit some friends. On the way there, we happened upon an Estate Sale. Of course, we had to take a moment to go in and see what treasures were to be found. We scored this awesome vintage book...

With beautiful illustrations and fonts in which to learn from. I do so prefer vintage work books to today's brightly colored & animated versions. They seem so much more peaceful to look at and focus on. And the illustrations and writing are SO much more... well, beautiful.

I also found this book...

to add to my Louisa May Alcott collection.

All for a mere $2.00. Which was grand, because as I went to check out, that was all I had in my wallet! Good thing I did not find more. Yeah for Estate Sales and vintage books.

1 comment:

mygirl said...

what great finds. i pulled over at yard sale today and found a giant box of legos, 5 or 6 barbies from the 80's, a box of horses, and a barbie ferrari. needless to say some little girl was very happy! talk to you soon, christina