June 1, 2010

My sweet Ezra. This was a new day for you. You have decided to be a big boy. Just like that. Just like your brother. You wanted nothing to do with your stroller. You gladly + proudly walked the nature trails with all the other friends. You wanted nothing to do with your sippy cup. Only a big boy cup, just like your brother, would do. You would not sit on my lap and allow me to feed you. You sat on your own, on the picnic blanket, choosing your food and feeding yourself. Engaging with friends. Being your sweet self. You made me proud. And a bit in awe. How could you possibly, in the blink of an eye, be such a big boy already? I love you sweet child. Continue to discover this world. Continue to grow in the glory of our Lord. And I will continue to watch, thankful + blessed.

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