June 2, 2010

I, I am a carbivore! My son has been through this phase lately of choosing to be an herbivore. And then, abruptly changes his mind and wants to be a carnivore. And then, of course... an omnivore. But I, oh... I am a loyal carbivore. And, well... my body doesn't quite appreciate it. So, I have decided to enroll in boot camp. Find it HERE. A six week challenge by an amazing mama from our new church. She rocks. Her work outs are pretty hard core. For me at least. Who hasn't worked out in years. Many, many years. Combining her work outs and her nutrition planning program, I feel so encouraged. I feel like I can still enjoy my food. I am not dieting. I am planning. To me, that is a big difference. Because if I was dieting, there is no way I would be able to enjoy this...

We went blackberry picking with our homeschool group. We came home with a bucket full of amazing blackberries. As I was planning my balanced menu for the day, the nutrition program was pointing me in the direction of a waffle. Are you kidding me? I love this program. A perfect complement to my blackberries. And indeed it was. And it satisfied my carbivore loving self. Without being over the top indulgent. Don't get me wrong here, the rest of my day consisted of healthy foods to create an almost perfect balance of minerals, vitamins, heart health + weight control. The four areas the menu planner focuses on. It takes quite awhile to plan out the meals of the day. But it is extremely enlightening. Measuring cups are my new best friend. Because portion is everything. What seems to be a HUGE problem in our world today. Enjoy the pun! Seriously, today's portions are outrageous. And I have indulged in them. I am thankful for this accountability, to be aware of just how much I should be consuming. I am actually eating more than I normally would. But in much smaller portions. Add to that the crazy, booty kicking work outs... and I am on the track to a healthier, more fit body. A journey indeed. I am so thankful for today's technology. I can access either live sessions with my trainer + fellow mama Tami, or I can view a taped session online. With mama-ing my busy boys, the taped sessions seem to be working better for me. I can access it whenever I find a spare 45 minutes in my day. Sometimes nap time. Sometimes bed time. Thanks Tami. You are an amazing mama and I am so thankful for your motivated self and for this journey.


Tannis said...

This is so interesting...I home school and have an Ezra! I didn't read too many posts back but I'll be checking in again.

I am so hungry for waffles right now. The program keeps wanting me to eat copious amounts of wheat germ and steak. I did see waffles a few times and thought it must be a cruel joke!

Lauren said...

I'll have to check this out! I can be so undisciplined...can't we all?

You're right about one thing...HUGE portions in America! I remember being in France and astounded that they didn't have "to go" boxes. Not needed b/c they have a clue about portion control.