April 8, 2010

I do so love my cut flowers. So much so, that I have dreamt about being a florist. I created my own bouquets for my wedding. I fondly remember sitting in the garage, stripping the thorns off the white roses. Most brides want pristine looking hands for those lovely portraits, but I didn't care. My wedding day hands were covered in cuts and scratches from stripping thorns and bending wire. And I wouldn't have had it any other way. I am accustomed to having cut flowers regularly adorning our home. We have been taking a break from this habit due to our boys' allergies. But for Easter, the soft petals once again graced our table and I was thankful. They are now beginning to wither, and soon it will be time to discard that which has brought me such joy over the last few days. So to remember these gorgeous buds... here is my next list:

My favorite CUT flowers- (in no particular order!)
top ten, as the list could go on and on!

1. Hydrangeas
2. Calla Lilys
3. Chocolate Cosmos
4. Sunflowers
5. Tulips
6. Ranunculas
7. Orchids
8. Carnations (Yes, I did list Carnations. Do you know how beautiful a huge bouquet of Carnations are by themselves? No greens! No Baby's Breath. Yuck. Just Carnations. A single color! Stunning.)
9. Roses (Yes, good old fashioned Roses!)
10.Tuberose (The smell is intoxicating!)

I am now longing for a trip to the Flower District.


Naomi said...

Great idea for a field trip!

j e n n i f e r said...

oh, yeah! great idea naomi... thanks.