January 23, 2010

thanks to my friend at lilly and the brothers, i have been inspired to begin list making. i have always loved a good list. although, typically it is in the form of a to-do! this seems to be a great and easy way to document life. so here goes...

isaak's (current) favorites-
top ten, as the list could go on and on!
1. rocks
2. sticks
3. reading
4. baking
5. trains
6. cars
7. friends
8. bananas
9. bread- gluten-free
10. maps

what fun it will be to look back upon this list through the years. i wonder what the list will look like in the years to come. such delight.


Johnna said...

What a fun idea!

Grammy said...

That little hand is soooooo adorable!!!

Mommy of three said...

Ohh, I like this one. Might if I borrow it? :)

jennifer said...

absolutely greta! can't wait to see them.