November 20, 2009

what in the world is that you ask? well, in our adult world it is a pole for our pack and play. but not in the eyes of a child. oh, no. it is hours of endless possibilities in play. today was spent imagining. this pole brought us much joy today. it was a flag pole, a gun for a bear hunt, a fire hose... many things were on fire today! a flashlight for finding treasures, a telescope for discovering, a seat belt for race cars, the finish line for race cars, the finish line flag for race cars. a horse that took us on a wild adventure. a conductor's baton. and a baseball bat. all imagined by isaak. yes, these are the things of childhood. now if this was some fancy electronic toy, that's all it would be. but the endless opportunity in an open ended object is quite delightful. as the christmas season approaches, and gifts are being purchased, may you be encouraged to think about what you are putting in children's hands, hearts & heads. foster creativity. stimulate invention. have fun playing!

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Elizabeth said...


i have an isaac who is endlessly imagining with sticks and ropes and boxes and bags and bread ties . . . i love to watch him!