November 13, 2009

a last minute decision took scot, isaak, ezra and i up the central coast to visit our friends. our first official road trip as a family of four. bound for templeton and san luis obispo. the weather was divine. the scenes were magnificent. the company was splendid. the adventures were grand. i marvel at the simple, abundant beauty all around. a deer jumping through the backyard vineyard. a family of bluejays gathering nuts. chickens enjoying worms. cattle munching on alfalfa. the town buildings. the joy of skipping stones in the river. such magical everyday happenings were enjoyed by all. and the local grape harvest... well, that was enjoyed by mama + papa! cheers.

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Mommy of three said...

Jen, these pictures are so beautiful. On a technical note, I also love how you have them small and then click on them to enlarge. Would you mind tutoring me on how to do that? Thanks.