November 6, 2009

after a night of about two hours of sleep, i gave into the notion that today would be a lazy television day. i turned on a dvd early in the morning. it was off after about ten minutes. (thanks papa) and, i am happy to say, it was not turned back on. instead, we had the most amazing day. and i didn't even remember how tired i was. (thanks starbucks) we began the day at the market. i could've easily chosen to put isaak in the shopping cart with a television in it and go about my business. yes folks, they actually offer shopping carts with televisions now. (so, so sad) instead, isaak helped fill our cart with fresh vegetables. he was delighted to pick them himself. he was curious about weights and measurements, the scales were busy today. we discovered pounds and ounces. big and small. shapes and colors. names and varieties of foods. his face was full with joy. i thought about the children who were at school learning these concepts from abstract lessons and was grateful for this emerging learning experience. we then moved on to washing dishes. together! once i began the chore, isaak asked if he could join in. but of course my dear! eagerly, he rinsed and was happy to be included in such grown up work. next, we decided to take a ride through the neighborhood as we awaited our lunch to be cooked. isaak made gathering newspapers that had been left on the sidewalk and delivering them to neighbors doorsteps his duty. his bike is perfectly suited for the task. he also decided to collect as many fallen sticks as he could and redistribute them. perhaps the whole neighborhood has the passion for sticks that he does. after our ride and our lunch, we settled in to some quality reading of classic literature. rich reading. good cuddles. and nap. after papa came home, we headed out to the park. for what else... but more stick collecting! and other good park fun of course. a very fine day indeed. and to think that i was so quick to refuse the opportunity of a day. i am so grateful for such beautiful moments. be encouraged to engage with your children. to include them in your everyday duties. i am sure you will be glad you did.

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Grammy said...

I just love the paperboy walks with
Isaak! It took me awhile to help
him understand that we deliver the
papers on the sidewalk to the corresponding house (as he REALLY
wanted to take the paper from one
house and give to the next!) Ahhh,
such fun memories...