September 16, 2009

today you found courage. you took the stepping stones across the mighty waters. step by step. one at a time. eager. aware. joyful. you found beauty in the small things. you stopped to savor them. you declared them treasures. you embraced life. you seized the day. you gave praise. may you continue to delight in the often overlooked. may you take on and conquer new challenges. may your smile always grace your sweet face. and let us together enjoy this life we have been blessed with.


Elizabeth said...

just catching up with you . . . your last few posts are beautiful!

you could start some pages for a book. you really could!

Grammy said...

I agree with Elizabeth (although,
as your mom, I may be just a bit
prejudiced), but you have a gift
of expression which you NEED to pursue!!! xoxox mama