September 9, 2009

full is your life. intertwined with stories, experiences, relationships, memories. some thin. barely there. but still lingering. waiting to fall. holding on just long enough for you to embrace and acknowledge. some thick. creating the solid foundation in which you stand. some new. just sprouting. fresh with possibility. the roots run deep. the branches run high. you are woven together, uniquely you. waiting to be nourished. eager to grow. some may see you as a jumbled mess. but you were made with a plan. the design has already been established. so stand firm. be you. enjoy the breath of the wind, but do not be swayed. continue to rise. and grow magnificently.


Grammy said... word - BEAUTIFUL!!!

@}-,'--- said...

I agree with Grammy.... Beautiful. :D

gardenmama said...

what a beautiful post : )

Heather said...

I just love your way of describing beautiful and so true!