July 16, 2009

what a beautiful thing our dogs can teach us about unconditional love.  if, that is, we are willing to watch and learn.  be encouraged to take some time to observe the love of dogs.  why is it that we people tend to hold on for so long?  why can't we just let it go?  wouldn't it be great to choose everyday to sit pretty and patiently and actually be happy with any morsel of goodness that comes our way?  thank you autumn for reflecting such unconditional love.  i hope to someday fully understand and obtain the ability to give it too.  and now... i must go give her a bone!  good girl!

autumn was born on my birthday, october 28th.  with my love of all things fall, autumn seemed the best suitable name for her.  her full name is autumn in gramercy.  this also reflects our love for all things NY and the beauty of gramercy park in the fall.  autumn was a gift to isaak on christmas day in 2007.  although he battled a bit of eczema even then, we had read that introducing animals to children at a young age reduced the risk of being allergic to them.  we thought this was a good thing.  just a few months later, we realized that isaak's skin was reacting to contact with autumn. sadness came.  ever since, our sweet girl has been an outside dog with a retreat inside our laundry room, through a doggie door.  she receives minimal love.  (playing, petting, walking, etc.)  not because we don't love her.  simply because of isaak's eczema.  (don't get me wrong... she is well taken care of & does receive love, just not the kind we WANT to give to her.)  we have seen improvement with his skin reacting to her.  we are hoping that it continues to improve.  we will be taking him in to do more blood work to test his environmental allergies.  if he does indeed test allergic to dogs, we will need to find a new home for our autumn girl.  if he does not test allergic, we will wait.  and hope that his skin continues to greatly improve so that we can give our girl the love and attention that we know she so desperately needs.  and is waiting most patiently for. hence, the lesson in unconditional love.

[p.s.  do you haiku?  i have rekindled my passion for this form of poetry.  the words on the photo, being my haiku.  challenge yourself to capture an image and haiku it.  express yourself.  enjoy poetry.]


Aunt B said...

I loved seeing your photo of Autumn, she is beautiful! It brings tears to my eyes as I remember our sweet Molly that passed away last year. The unconditional love and companionship that they bring to a family is priceless!!

I pray that Isaak is not allergic to her, and that maybe his allergy is due to something else that you can control. I'm sorry for the hard times that you've been going through!

Big Hugs,

Aunt B

jennifer said...

she is so beautiful and such a good girl, especially for not getting the training/attention that she needs.

i am so excited about your upcoming move! and the yellow thing is just too much. how awesome.

Lisa Stone said...

Dogs are so very important in our family. In fact, I rely heavily on my baby girl. She is my huggie girl when I need a hug (all of the time!) because my boys have gotten too big to always cuddle with.

Maggie is a maltese and they are not supposed to be a problem for allergies.

We also have two large dogs that we rescued. We love them dearly.

Read back a little bit on my blog and you'll see them.

I hope Isaak is doing well.