July 11, 2009

one of isaak's favorite activities is watering the garden.  the other day, i watched him engage in his passion and i began to think how important the process and product of watering is.  fostering and receiving growth.  i ponder my watering habits.  how am i watering my children?  my husband? myself?  we cannot grow if we are not receiving nourishment.  what are we nourishing ourselves with?  how are we being stimulated to grow?  how deep are our roots?  are there any weeds sucking the water away from us?  consider this.  may the sun warm your spirit and may you be encouraged to enjoy the process and product of watering your family. 


Lisa Stone said...

Always a thought provoking and timely post. In my family, because my children are much older, I find myself needing to readjust the amount and type of "nourishment" I give. It is difficult to know when and how. My 18 year old just told me to let him make his "big boy" decisions on his own! Not nastily, but firmly. Ouch!

He also started a new job as a camp counselor of 7 year olds. He came home the first day and was sharing stories about the crying and craziness. Being a mommy and a teacher, I began to think of tools that he could use for distraction etc. He looked at me like I had four heads! He wanted to figure it out for himself.

Trying not to feel like an alien in my own body, off I went to sulk privately.

Three days later, he came home and told me that he tried one of my suggestions and it work great!

My heart soared :)

Elizabeth said...

lots of love in the water. lots of love.

and reading. and singing. and playing. and coloring. and a little discipline. and chores done together. and laughing. and fun. and crying together.

good thoughts. even better if translated into good actions!