July 20, 2009

heartbroken:: before isaak's food allergy testing.  eczema was horrific.  

healing:: after isaak's food allergy testing.  going gluten/casein free.  it's been 20 days of healing so far.  much improvement.  

i still need to go back to the lab with isaak to get the environmental allergy testing done.  just giving isaak and mama a little break before we do it again.  it was NOT an easy thing to do.  but we are so grateful to have some answers and to begin healing.  praise indeed!


... said...

I'm so glad to hear that Isaak is healing! I just had the environmental testing done myself. 80 little patches of substances on my back which wouldn't have been bad if I wasn't allergic to the tape they used. Turned out I was allergic to fragrances. Maybe you could just try changing some things on your own to see if there is improvement. Shampoos, soaps and detergents are loaded with stuff that can be allergenic. I was thinking about you and your guy today when I made millet...very satisfying and gluten free. I have a recipe for pan-fried millet cakes on my blog.

Elizabeth said...

so glad these little legs are healing. little boys need their little legs to do all their little boy things they do!

way to hang in there mama. way to hang in there.

God is good.

Jennifer said...

What kind of testing did you do? My son has eczema, but his scratch test came back negative for any allergies. But the eczema isn't going away... any tips?


jennifer said...


so sorry you & your son are also battling eczema. about a year ago, we did a fingertip prick test... sending in a dot of blood to a lab. did NOT get results with that. we just did a full blood draw (several vials) and that is where we got our results. i read that the prick test is not good for eczema sufferers because the skin is already damaged & battling it is too difficult to read. i also read that just because you get a result back saying no allergies have been identified doesn't mean that there is not a food 'sensitivity' which may be causing the reaction. my recommendation is to definitely go the food route. it is an internal problem that comes out externally! no amount of lotions/topical remedies work. we are so pleased to finally be seeing great results. let me know if you want any other info. or have any other ?s. blessings to you & your little one.

Lisa Leonard said...

i am so glad to hear this! you've been on my mind. xo