January 23, 2009

my soul finds happiness in (well, many things) but sometimes... sometimes this girl just needs flowers!  i am quite enjoying & grateful for the beauty of the rain and these gorgeous celadon orchids.  what makes you happy?


Aunt B said...

The flowers are beautiful!

I'm happy hanging out in my p.j.'s and having a good cup of coffee & a donut, while watching people getting stuck in the snow outside!

Aunt B said...

Just kidding around before, but I do love my coffee & donuts! It's been a long and VERY cold winter here in New York!!

I enjoy decorating....however I've already done all that I can do in this little apartment. I've also "Been there, done that" with making crafts....

I'm looking for something new...got any ideas for a creative project?? If I didn't live so far away, I'd make something for your schoolhouse!!

I hope everything is going well for all of you!

Luv Aunt B

jennifer said...

that's funny aunt b. yeah, i think you should start a blog! :)

Aunt B said...

It would be fun to do a blog, but I always end up saying something stupid! I think I'll stick to making some kind of creative project!

I hope you'll post another photo of Isaak's artwork...it's sooooo cute!