November 29, 2008

today i am grateful for my son's imagination, independence and heart full of love. as we sat down together to work on his first representational drawing, i gently encouraged him to form a person. a head, some eyes, arms & legs. he lovingly exclaimed "it's you mama!"  to my surprise & delight, he continued his drawing.  on his own initiative, he added some squiggles in the mid section and joyfully proclaimed "and that's your baby and your belly button!"  

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Aunt B said...

Sooooooo cute!! I see the resembleance in the happy smile! Such creativity with the "baby" squiggle too!

I still have all of the drawings that my kids made when they were little... it's fun to look back at those! Life's little treasures!!

Give the little artist a hug from me!

Aunt B